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Frame Yourself With Young Women

Younger women haven’t been beaten down by the drudgeries of life, by failed dreams and lousy relationships. There is a spark to them, and a lack of cynicism, that is extremely difficult to find in women who’ve been through the emotional hell of divorce, or been out there on the singles scene long past their expiration date.

You may not feel comfortable expressing these preferences to your married pals, because it would probably generate resentment and jealousy.They’ll bust on you and call you a “dirty old man” or a “cradle robber” for dating a 25-year-old…and then they’ll go to strip clubs, or wack off to porn featuring women who are much younger than that!

And forget about trying to explain to a woman your age that you’re in the market for a young girlfriend. This is when the claws come out! It isn’t just feminists who would howl in anger; women, in general, feel threatened by the notion of men dating women who are substantially younger.  They call it wrong. They say it’s creepy. They’ll accuse you of being “shallow” and “emotionally immature.”

As if your “soulmate” needs to be some bitter divorcee who’s been hardened by years of being in the wrong relationships. Is that really something you need to have in common with a woman? Their hostility and resentment comes from a place of fear. If every man over the age of 40 had the confidence and ability to date women who were ten of fifteen years younger, how many of these guys do you think would marry 40-year-olds?

My guess would be, not many. The “mature” single women would be forced to seek solace in reruns of Sex & The City and one-night stands at the bars. But in our society, most older men will limit their dating options to women their own age, because they’re stuck in one of two mental ruts:

Sex And The City Concept

#1. They worry that it would be socially inappropriate for them to date a younger woman. People might stare and gossip! His friends, who are with women their own age, would make jokes and their girlfriends and wives would look at him with derision.

In reality, the only stares and snide comments you’ll receive will be from jealous men, and older women who feel threatened. Just watch them grab their man’s arm when they catch him checking out the sexy young babe on your arm…

#2. The guy feels too old, out of step, of a different generation. Sure, he’d love to be banging the babe with the perky breasts and the thong peeking out from the back of her jeans…but how do you talk to a girl like that? How do you approach her without seeming like someone’s creepy uncle?

Both us these attitudes are limiting beliefs that are easily overcome, and in this blog I’m going to explain exactly how to conquer them and be a MAN (not a boy!) that younger women will not just want to talk to they’ll be attracted to you in a powerful, authentic way.

I’m going to speak very directly and honestly in this article “political correctness” be damned and the first lesson I want you to absorb is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to date and have sex with younger women (as long as they’re of legal age, of course gotta say once more for the record!

When it comes to dating younger women, there is a double standard in our society: if you’re a man who is famous and/or powerful, it’s completely acceptable for you to be with women who are much younger.

It’s actually expected not to the extent that it was centuries ago, when rulers maintained harems of nubile, fertile young women to carry on their genetic legacy but you’ll rarely see today’s business moguls and celebrities marrying and having children with women their own age.

Among today’s  stars of movies, television, and music, it’s common for them to have a “starter wife” their own age that they marry before their rise to the top but once the bucks are rolling in, and they have options, wife #1 gets jettisoned in favor of a younger, hotter version.

I’m not saying this is the “right” thing to do, but I can certainly understand their motives. As the comedian Chris Rock said, “a man is only as faithful as his options.”

I’ll assume that you’re not touring in a famous rock band, or have a starring role in the next summer blockbuster. You’re a regular guy in most respects, but you have special goals in your dating/sex life you want to date younger women.

Desire To Date Young Women

The Hollywood celebrities who marry younger babes are no different than you, fundamentally. We’re all men. We’re wired the same way. We desire these younger women for common, fundamental reasons, which I’ll explain in a moment.I just want to stress that there is absolutely no shame in desiring to date younger women whether your goal is to enjoy a fast-lane bachelor lifestyle (my personal preference), or to find a partner to settle down with.

The goal of this article is to assist you in this quest, without ever resorting to being a “sugar daddy.” That’s the term used to describe older men who rent the companionship of younger women by subsidizing their high-maintenance lifestyles.

Notice I used the word “rent” rather than “buy,” because these relationships never last.  It’s true that money can’t buy you love. It can pay for a lot of great sex, but in the long-term, is it ever genuine love? If you’re a “sugar daddy,” the answer is no. I hate to tell you rich guys, but your hot young chick is probably laughing all the way to the bank and likely screwing guys her own age, while you’re out working to keep her in the lifestyle she’s become accustomed to.

So would this imply that when a guy like Donald Trump marries a woman who is decades younger, the relationship can’t possibly be “real?” No. The relationships between older men and younger woman can absolutely be real, and the bond can actually be more powerful than the one that exists between two people of the same age.

The difference between Trump (to use one example), and your typical “sugar daddy,” is that Trump is an Alpha Male, driven to survive and thrive. Alphas are able to engender extremely deep feelings of sexual attraction in women.

It doesn’t matter if the guy is 60 years old, or 25: if he exhibits Alpha Male qualities, women will be drawn into his orbit like moths to a flame. He can even be an arrogant jerk; it doesn’t matter. That is the man she wants to protect her and bear children with. For more tips and surefire tactics on how to date younger women, click here.



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