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The Sheriff’s View on Dating A Young Girl

Funny enough, the Love Systems instructor who goes by the name of Sheriff had recently posted some of his thoughts about older men and younger women in the Love Systems lounge.

The Lounge is a free private online community of former boot camp clients and Love Systems instructors. We provide lifetime post-bootcamp support, and it’s also the place where our newest breakthroughs like Inner Game, Social Circle Mastery, and even Relationship Management were first developed.

Here’s Sheriff had to say recently:

I’ve been talking to a lot of younger girls (18-19) at the moment, and actually making a real effort to hang out with people younger than me – most of my good friends are typically a bit older than I am.

I was having a bunch of issues connecting with younger girls, but being the instructor-par-excellence I am, I decided to become an expert on this. Here’s what I’ve learned since I decided to handle this a couple of months ago but bear in mind that of the pool of perhaps 12 girls I’ve cultivated here who are between 18 and 19, all are RICH and used to living a life of luxury where maids, drivers, and beach houses are par for the course.

Young Girls And Their Social Intuition

The first thing I’ve noticed: you need to ground your interest ASAP.  Younger girls lack much of the social intuition older girls have. They’re often socially slightly scared of older guys and girls – they’re only recently out of high school where relative age is a BIG DEAL where dating a guy a few years older than you carries a status that in the real world is totally missing.

Get onto normal conversation and commonalities QUICKLY, and qualify a non-sexual interest in that, even if it’s something dumb like where she’s from, OR she’ll be confused by and creeped out by your interest.

The second thing I’ve noticed: younger girls are crap at picking up IOIs (Indicators Of Interest).

And often fail to see when you’re into them unless you make it pretty obvious.  So, be explicit with your IOIs and “Why I like You”s.

I was assuming that girls weren’t in to me (doh) and not escalating properly in my social circle. But hadn’t realized that in a number of cases, the girls seriously thought I was out of their league.

While I’ll tease younger girls, I’ll also now make a big effort to be NICE to them no hard-core qualification.  Many of them don’t yet have the cynical edge of older girls, and if you’re used to building attraction through effortlessly pushing aside shit-tests, you’re going to be in trouble if there are none forth-coming.

The third thing I’ve noticed: high quality younger girls tend to be heavily idealistic, even if those views seem naive to you.

If a young, rich girl tells you how she’s thinking of going to live in an artist’s commune, rather than cracking up uncontrollably, reward her for that.  If she tells you how she thinks it’s stupid, but still think she might be a famous actress one day despite no acting experience to date, doesn’t laugh in her face, and don’t give her shit for it.

Qualify and encourage these.  You might be surprised by how much of your qualification work you’re doing just by being an older, successful guy who’s actually taking her seriously.

The fourth thing I’ve noticed: younger and older girls respond well to age-specific qualification.

Favorable comparison to the other end of the age bracket is effective and consistent.  Younger girls will always hear about how I enjoy hanging out with younger girls, because they’re less cynical, more willing to express themselves and live in the moment, and because they’re more idealistic and not embittered.  Obviously, older women will hear about how much I like women with more life experience, etc.

The fifth thing I’ve noticed has to do with DHVs. (Demonstrations Of Higher Value this bit of “pickup terminology” means you say certain things to imply that you are a man of value and status. Not bragging, but making subtle comments to pique their interest.) I’ve found that  DHVs work differently on different age groups.

Older girls get the spiel carefully done, of course about how incredibly hooked up I am, and how successful I am in my various careers, and how mature I am. This was falling flat with younger girls.  So, I tried switching to talking about how FUN a lot of the stuff going on was, and switched to physical and state-based attraction.

I’m used to taking risks, but this one I’d rather not…too important and special to lose it at some point. It’s difficult though. Click here for more proven tactics on how to date younger women.


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