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Why Date Younger Women?

When it comes to the older man/younger woman dating dynamic, there are very powerful motivating factors behind older men seeking out younger mates for sex and relationships, and there are equally compelling reasons why younger women go for these men.

Now here’s another fact that is going to blow the mind of feminists, who foam at the mouth when I tell them I’m not interested in any woman past the age of 30. It’s also why you should never buy into the politically correct assumption that you’re a “dirty old man” for desiring the hotties in their 20s.

Let me talk to you for a moment about the greatest motivator of them all to date younger women, and it cuts to the core of your very existence and survival…

Dating younger women will enable you to live longer.

According to a study conducted by Shripad Tuljapurkar and Cedric Puleston of Stanford University, when men mate with women who are eight or more years younger, it increases the life span of both sexes over time.

In scientific terms, once people can no longer reproduce, they cease to have a biological purpose. We’re put on this planet to procreate. Men are born to spread their seed; women are born to be inseminated and bear children. (That may sound a little crude, but it’s the truth.)

The “wall of death” age for women as evolutionary theorists so cheerfully call it is about 50, when menopause sets in.

Men, however, can reproduce into their late 70s, so long as they have good genes, and good equipment. (If not, a little friend called “Viagra” can assist in the process.)

When an older man mates with a young woman, he is essentially postponing death. He continues to have a purpose on this planet. And his long-life genes which he obviously possesses, if he’s still having sex at this age get passed on to his kids.

“Men who have children at a late age help to make natural selection work to protect human survival, because they are passing on more genes. It’s just the way we’ve evolved as humans,” Puleston says.

Here’s another compelling reason to date younger women. According to Dr. Mark Liponis, author of “UltraLongevity: The Seven-Step Program for a Younger, Healthier You,” young women can give a tremendous boost to their older partners’ immune systems.

“Being close to someone makes your immune systems very alike,” the doctor said. “And an older man’s worn-down, tired immune system will improve simply by being in contact with a younger person who is more energetic and healthier.”

These days, more divorced men are choosing to re-marry with women who are 10 or 20 years younger. This is not just beneficial to the man; women can also gain enormous benefits by marrying older men. Women are biologically programmed the same way they were 10,000 years ago, and what they desire most is security and protection.

Women Seek for A Greater Sense Of Security

dating younger women

Who can offer a woman a greater sense of security: the 25-year-old slacker who’s still trying to figure out his purpose? Or the sophisticated, experienced 45-year-old gentleman who is secure in who he is, and his position in life? (I’m not just referring to financial security; older men are more emotionally secure and stable, which is more important to women than money.)

A great example of a successful older man/younger woman relationship is Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, who married in 2000. There is a twenty-five year age difference between the two Hollywood stars. At the time of their marriage, he was 56; she was 31.

Douglas says that when they first met, he told her point-blank, “I’d like to father your children.” He’s given her two so far. (I would not recommend using this line on women, but hey, it worked for him.)

Zeta-Jones once said, “I do think I’m lucky I met Michael. Not just Michael Douglas the actor and producer with two Oscars on the shelf, but Michael Douglas the love of my life. I really do think it was meant to happen.”

In another interview, Zeta-Jones explained: “Older men come on to me all the time, and I’m really happy about that. I really like them. Older men know more about life and what’s going on. I’m probably the only person on the beach who sees a hard-bodied guy and goes, ‘Oh, put it away, will you?’ Beautiful boys are far too interested in making themselves look beautiful. They don’t want any competition. At the beach, I’m more likely to be attracted to a guy no one else notices, sitting far off, under an umbrella reading a book.”

When asked what impresses her in a man, the Welsh beauty replied, “Words impress me. If a man can speak eloquently and beautifully to me, I just melt on the floor.”

For more tips on how to date younger women, check this article by the famous Ron Louis on “How To Succeed With Women.”

Sign Up & Learn The 4 DEADLIEST Pickup Lines You Can Use To Get Girls! (Free Video)

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