mack tactics downloadWhat’s up! This is Dean Cortez, creator of the M.A.C.K. Tactics Seduction System. This system is based upon using the most advanced techniques of influence and persuasion to meet (and flirt with) women. If you want to know how to talk to a girl you like, you’ve come to the right place.

If this is your first time visiting this site, the four letters that form the word M.A.C.K. stand for Method, Action, Confidence and Knowledge. I call these the “Pillars of Power.” It’s about knowing the correct Methods for scoring with women in different situations; having the willingness to take Action; the Confidence to operate without fear or anxiety; and the Knowledge of female psychology that will allow you to penetrate their defenses and crack the code to their hearts.

We all possess the ability to attract women and succeed with them on our terms. One of the greatest “hidden” challenges we face, as men, is that our self-confidence gets worn down over the years. Some of us have faced a lot of tough rejections from women. Other guys have been in long-term relationships and had their confidence crushed by a bad breakup.

Some of us have simply convinced ourselves that we’re not attractive to women—that we just don’t have what it takes. This is a “limiting belief” that you must eliminate.

The methods you’ll learn in M.A.C.K. Tactics are designed to change all of this. Once you master these lessons, your opportunities suddenly feel endless. Just imagine walking into the any environment where single women are present, and knowing you can approach any girl in there, capture her interest, and guide the conversation towards a successful outcome.

That’s what a Mack experiences every time he steps out on a Saturday night. As a man, this is one of the most gratifying and empowering feelings you can ever experience.

On the other hand, without the right Tactics, and understanding what actually makes women tick, the dating game can be endlessly frustrating. Most guys always feel like they’re at the mercy of women. There is a tremendous sense of pressure when they approach a girl, or go on a first date, as they try to measure up to the type of guy he thinks she is looking for.

Perhaps you tell yourself that you’re “too nice” to seduce beautiful women, and you’ve found yourself stuck in the Friend Zone: girls confide their problems in you, while you’re wishing you could take the relationship to a romantic level.

And what about the times you’ve taken girls on dates—dressed to impress and generously spending your hard-earned money—but at the end of the night you only get a handshake or an awkward hug for your troubles? Then, when you try calling her for a second date, she tells you she’s going to be “really busy” for the next couple of weeks…or until next October…

Then there are those of you who’ve got some skills and have been fairly successful. You’re at ease around women and have had numerous relationships. Perhaps you’ve studied the material of certain “seduction gurus” and used some of their tricks and mind games to rope women into conversations—and yet it still feels like something is missing.

Whether you’re into younger women, hot Asian women, strippers, girls at your college, or any type of woman, Mack Tactics has got you covered. You’re ready to put all the pieces of the puzzle together and lead a completely fulfilling lifestyle that fires on all cylinders. In terms of the women you date, you want to take it to the next level. No more 7’s and 8’s. You’re ready to score the 10’s.

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mack tactics bookBy learning this material, applying it, and mastering it, your life is going to become more rewarding, and more fun, on numerous levels.


If you’re single, celebrate that fact. You’ve literally got an entire world of opportunities and hammers (a term we use to describe hot women) in front you. We all know guys who have gotten themselves trapped in lame, dead-end relationships, or have already thrown in the towel and married women for the wrong reasons.

But not you: you’re still in the mix. You’re out there on the scene and now, using the Tactics, you’ll never have to compromise. If and when you do decide to settle down, it’s going to be with a girl that is nothing short of spectacular. It will be the kind of relationship that your friends envy.

But always remember this: being a Mack goes beyond hooking up with women, and it doesn’t end once you commit to a relationship. It is an attitude and a lifestyle. Being a Mack means growing and thriving on every level, including your career and whatever other personal goals you set for yourself. It means building bonds with everyone who matters in your life, and gaining their respect—not just women, but co-workers, family members and those you do business with.

You are on your way to becoming a Mack, and once you achieve this status, the world is yours. We want to give you props for taking this journey with us. We’re going to deliver the real deal: the honest truth about how to succeed with the women you desire, and the Tactical tools you’ll need to make it happen.

These lessons are universal, whether you’re a hipster on the nightclub scene or a middle-aged guy who’s back in the dating game after a brutal divorce. If you’re shy around women (and you know dirty pick up lines aren’t the answer!), Mack Tactics will teach you funny, clever and amazingly effective “openers” so that you can start conversations with confidence. If you have a natural way with the ladies, the knowledge contained in these pages is going to elevate your game to a whole new level. And if you’re already in a relationship, it will teach you to communicate more effectively with your mate and make sure that your needs are respected and fulfilled.

Developing the M.A.C.K. Tactics system has been an amazing journey. Now it’s time for you to climb onboard and take the ride for yourself.

To your success,




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