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How to Overcome Sexual Issues Present in Younger Women

overcoming sexual issues

Chasing after and bagging a younger woman definitely has it’s advantages. They’re far more likely to be carefree, open to trying new things and lack any relationship-weighing baggage.

But there is one fall back: younger women will typically lack the sexual experience and confidence that you would find in an older woman. However, you can use this to your advantage by serving as the older man who comes in and rocks her world, teachers her a thing or two about sex and ultimately impacts the rest of her sexual life. Sounds pretty great, eh? I thought so.

How do you do it, though? Just sticking it in isn’t going to do the trick. You have to approach this with a certain level of finesse and care. Here are some things you may encounter when dating a younger woman and the ways you can overcome them.

Lacking confidence (physically and mentally)

overcome sexual issuesYounger women are likely to lack a little confidence, whether it be about their body or in the bedroom. It’s gonna take awhile for them to really come into their own after years of digesting magazine covers and media that tells women they have to be perfect. Be aware of this and see if she shys away from keeping the lights on or feels weird about you going down on her (two things you probably want to do!)

You can correct these things by respecting her wishes at first, but then slowly pushing the envelope, while continually fueling her self-esteem. Let her know she’s beautiful and that you want nothing more than to . Persuade her to get naked during the day when turning the lights off isn’t an option. She’ll also become more and more comfortable with being naked the more time she actually spends naked.

Now, it’s important to understand that there is a difference between insecurity and simply not wanting you to do something. Telling you she’s not into anal sex and not wanting you to go down on her can be two very different things. You can work on both of these sexual to-dos, but building her self-esteem may not work for all of them.

Lacking experience (worldly and in the bedroom)

Dating someone who lacks sexual experience can be both a lot of fun and difficult at times. They may be eager to try everything or they could be scared to move beyond missionary. And what’s worse is they could be bad at everything. Most of these problems can be fixed though, no matter the issue.

Use this time to expand your younger counterpart’s sexual vision, but be ready to be patient if they are a little hesitant. You won’t be able to whip out the Adam & Eve products right away, but can slowly ease into them as well as other positions by once again appealing to her self-esteem and reassuring her. Lead by example and take charge, talk a little dirty and move her around a bit. See how she reacts and gauge whether you can dive in or need to progress slowly. Respectful persistence will usually persevere.

If she’s bad at things, take this as your chance to be an educator. Let her know how YOU like certain things to be done. Don’t let her know she is bad, instead position this as a lesson in what you like. In turn, you can ask her how she likes things to be done. The one benefit of this situation is that you’ll be guaranteed some quality bedroom skills once she’s gotten it down.

Stage Five Clinger Status

All women have the capacity to develop Stage Five Clinger Status (just like men), but you are far more likely to encounter this issue with a younger woman. Having sex with them can be the catalyst for this issue, so you have to tread carefully. If you’re trying to date, great, if you’re just trying to hit it and quit it, you need to be careful. You can typically see a Stage Five Clinger from a mile away, they’ll show you in their self-esteem before you’ve even gotten them in bed. If you’re not looking for that, avoid the pump and dump and/or let them know what you’re looking or upfront and be ready to let them know that again and again. Stage Five Clingers can be crazy, so do what you can to avoid them at all costs.

What are some sexual issues you’ve encountered with younger women?

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How To Pick Up Younger Women

Want to know some tricks for picking up hot younger women? This article should get you started on the right track.

Be yourself. That’s the rule of the thumb. Unwind and let women see the real person in you.

Smile. This can help you a lot. It reveals that you are feeling good about the conversation. Make her feel that you are absolutely at ease with approaching and talking to stunning women like her.

If you’ve just met her or haven’t known her at all, keep away from digging personal things. Keep the discussion as mild as possible. Whatever you do, don’t ask her out right off the bat. If there is an opportunity, you must ask her the second time around (in a very nice manner). Take it slowly and have her get to know you as a good man.

Think of something that you both like to talk about. That way, you can show off your sincere attention in your discussion.

Look into her face and be serious and not anxious. You will seem anxious if you aren’t self- assured. Put yourself down. If you ask her out, patiently wait for her respond. Do not appear to be pushy at any cost.

Be enthusiastic about her views and ideas on varied topics. Pay attention carefully when she talks. Ladies like people who pay attention to them and those people who like what they say. Don’t stop her. Let her talk and discuss ideas with you.

Compliment on the things that you like about her. If you like her music, tell her. It’s alright to appreciate her outfits, locks, bracelets, etc. But, you’ll really win a lady’s heart if she recognizes that you’re into more than just her physical appearance.

Ask her about school. Girls are often pleased about referring to classes and jobs.

Don’t mock girls until you are certain that she knows you’re just kidding. It’s best not to mock girls about things they might take seriously, especially bodyweight, looks, or intellect.

Be humorous. Ladies like men who can make them chuckle.

Do not try too hard. Ladies will see you as desperate and will not be drawn to you.

Be confident in yourself. Don’t be reluctant in saying something ridiculous. If you’re not reluctant; then, you probably won’t. If you have been friends with her for decades, and are relaxed talking about various things, believe that you are just speaking with her like another lady you like.

If you want to ask her out but you’re anxious or shy about it; then, try to get the gestures to do it. You can also delay the plan.

Talk to her genuinely. Don’t “stretch the fact.” The typical trend among men today is to appreciate things that women might like. However, it can also lead to problems at times. If you really get to know her and she gradually seeks out this fact, it’s incredibly awkward for you to throw her a genuine compliment.

 You shouldn’t be placing on an act whenever you see her, in any sense. Even if she doesn’t see you for a while, other people (and other girls) will detect that you’re working harder to amaze her.

Speaking of compliments; if you see that she is into an attempt towards something, take time to look at it and tell her that she is excellent at it.

Get the lady’s e-mail. Asking for a contact number is an apparent circumstance as far as relationships are concerned.

“I’m trying to come on with you” you may say.

 Get her Facebook, myspace or e-mail, and send her something wacky on it. Whether it is a web link that she would appreciate, it matters to her (certainly). It’s also less prickly than the cell phone. It allows her see you more. It also gives you a bigger chance of talking to her again.

Aside from the different tips listed above, here are some more relevant advices that will surely rock her world when she’s with you.

Always be yourself.

 Do not talk about physical built and body weight. Most ladies, no matter how slim they are, think they are fat. This is definitely a no-go place for most girls.

Try to get along with her buddies. However, don’t come on with them. If ladies find that they are being fickler by men, they won’t give him an opportunity to be with them.

Don’t approach her if you know that she is into a relationship.

Always tell a lady how fairly she is, but don’t exaggerate it.

Have good self care routines. Ladies notice it when you don’t shower consistently. Comb your hair to avoid unfavorable locks .Brush your teeth.

Don’t be scary. Creepy feedbacks include things that are too personal. This is the point where you appear to be too anxious.

Eye contact is a key to a romantic relationship. Don’t let the eye contact last more than half an hour, because too long eye contact is creepy. But if you seem to be always looking away, or can’t keep eye contact even for a short time, you’ll seem to be faking, as if you want to keep a secret.

To sum it up, these are just few of the essential tips on how to talk 2 girls. I hope you find it helpful. Best of luck fellows.

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