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Dating Tips For Guys – How To Date Younger Girls

Dating Tips For Men

A few days ago, my buddy Mike asked me if I had any “tips” on how to date younger women. You see, Mike had just gone through a grueling divorce (after 17 years of marriage) and he wanted to get back into the dating scene — but not with women his own age, who were almost always divorcees with children and a fairly lousy attitude towards men.

The good news is, there is a system for learning how to date younger women — and furthermore, it’s a perfectly natural desire. But when most men reach a certain age, they start thinking that hot younger women are simply out of their league.

The truth is, not only is it possible for you to date younger women — it’s actually easier than you think!

You can absolutely succeed with dating younger women. I don’t care what the women your age tell you; this is the plain truth.Over 200 years ago, the US government started recording statistics for the ages of couples that were getting married. You may be startled to learn that every year, the age gap between men and women who get married grows wider.

Dating Younger Women

dating tips for menEach year, the guys get a little older, and their spouses get a little younger.

Another interesting fact is that when men tie the knot for the SECOND time, they marry women who are 10 years younger, on average.

I’ve also read that 20% of guys who marry for a second time are getting hitched to a woman that is over over two decades younger.

(A wife who is twenty years younger?? The horror! The “Femi-Nazis” get furious when they hear this! They will declare that it’s not right! Deviant!)

And yet, no one seems to take offense if the guy is rich and famous. Then he is basically expected to marry a significantly younger spouse.

Donald Trump? Dude, have you seen how smoking hot his wife is? They had a baby not too long ago, and they’re very happy together…

Another example is the actor Michael Douglas. He is still married to the beautiful (and much younger) Catherine Zeta-Jones — and in fact, if these unions were simply about cash and celebrity, they would never last. But in a lot of examples like these ones, they do.

I could give you a ton of other examples. This has been true all throughout history. It’s only in modern times that a double-standard has emerged — that it’s all right for a powerful and highly respected older man to be with a much younger spouse, but it’s somehow “wrong” for the common dude to pursue this route.

Why are older men driven to be with younger women? It goes a lot deeper than just wanting a hot young babe. It’s because this is what men are biologically hard-wired to want: a youthful, sexy, fertile stunner who will bear him healthy children.

And it’s not just about sex and having kids. Studies have shown that being with a younger woman increases the life span of the man. Her youthful excitement and energy quite literally rubs off on you, and makes you feel, and act, younger.

In essence, the desire to learn how to date younger women is totally healthy and normal! And you can do it — if you learn the system that showed ME how to attract as many beautiful younger women as I desired.

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Sign Up & Learn The 4 DEADLIEST Pickup Lines You Can Use To Get Girls! (Free Video)

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