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How To Date A Younger Woman

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I’ve been hanging out with a lot of younger women (19-23) these days, and I have to say that dating younger women is a BLAST.

I’m attracted to hot younger girls (what guy isn’t?), but I used to think it would be difficult to “relate” to them and connect with them.

Then, I got serious about MASTERING this aspect of the game. I want to share a few things I’ve noticed:

The first thing I’ve noticed about dating younger women is that when you meet them, you need to ground your interest ASAP. Younger girls lack much of the social intuition older girls have. They’re often socially slightly scared of older guys and girls – they’re only recently out of high school or college, where relative age is a BIG DEAL – where dating a guy a few years older than you carries a status that in the real world is totally missing.

Get onto normal conversation and commonalities QUICKLY, and qualify a non-sexual interest in that, even if it’s something dumb like where she’s from, OR she’ll be confused by (and creeped out by) your interest.

Dating Younger Girls

how to date a younger womanThe second thing I’ve noticed regarding dating younger women:

Younger women are lousy at picking up IOIs (Indicators Of Interest), and often fail to see when you’re into them unless you make it pretty obvious. So, be more explicit with your IOIs than you normally would be. Don’t be afraid to FLIRT a bit harder than usual — being playful and a bit cocky, of course.

I used to assume that really hot younger women wouldn’t be into me, and therefore I didn’t escalate the way I should have. It took me a while to figure out that it was quite the opposite, in many cases — these girls thought THEY were out of MY league!

(I come across as a smart and funny guy with a wicked sense of humor — and younger women would sometimes actually think they weren’t “on my level.)

So now, while I’ll tease younger girls, I also make an effort to be NICE to the. (No hard-core qualification.)

Many of them don’t yet have the cynical edge of older women, and if you’re used to building attraction through effortlessly pushing aside their “tests,” you’re going to be in trouble if there are none forth-coming.

The third thing I’ve noticed about dating younger women:

High quality younger girls tend to be heavily idealistic, even if those views seem naive to you. If a younger woman from a privileged background tells you how she’s thinking of going to live in an artist’s commune, or wants to go and join the Peace Corps, rather than cracking up uncontrollably, reward her for that. Encourage her.

If she tells you how she thinks it’s stupid, but still thinks she might be a famous actress one day despite no acting experience to date, don’t laugh in her face, and don’t give her shit for it. Qualify and encourage these.

You might be surprised by how much of your qualification work you’re doing just by being an older, successful guy who’s actually taking her seriously.

Here’s another aspect of dating younger women that I want to share:

Younger (and older) girls respond well to age-specific qualification. Favorable comparison to the other end of the age bracket is effective and consistent. Younger girls will always hear about how I enjoy hanging out with younger girls, because they’re less cynical, more willing to express themselves and live in the moment, and because they’re more idealistic and not embittered.

Obviously, older women will hear about how much I like women with more life experience, etc…

And the final thing I’ve noticed about dating younger women? Well, this is the “big one.” I’ve found that there is an AMAZING technique you can use to “frame” your age as a huge asset and advantage when you are talking to ayounger woman. It’s easy to do, if you know exactly which words to say. Click here for more

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