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Be Energetic When Dating Younger Ladies

The opposite of a boring guy is someone who projects energy, self-confidence, enthusiasm, and joy. He conveys optimism. He’s approachable, takes risks, is exciting, and is far from boring.

But we all can fall into the traps of being a boring man. None of us are perfect and a lifetime of being a BNB cannot be cured over night. It takes time. It requires consistently taking risks, checking out new places to meet women, learning about new conversational topics, and basically shaking things up a bit.

If your strategy to get a woman in bed is to bore her into horniness, you may be worse off than we thought. Boredom is the opposite of turned on, and this type of personality will definitely not get you an invite to the next cool party in your town the one where the available younger women are to be found.

Read the list below to get a sense of some of the ways you might be coming across as boring to the younger women you approach, and with the women you already know…

Boring Dudes

You watch a lot of TV, and talk about TV shows incessantly. You constantly talk about only one subject (sports, sex, movies, gossip, etc.). It’s fine to be into one or two topics, but women will start to tune out if that’s all you talk about.

You tell people how tired you are, and that you don’t feel well. You talk too much. People who talk too much get boring after a while.

You’re overly dependent on what others think of you and what you are saying. People who require validation become super predictable and boring.

You never crack a joke, a smile, or joke around. Serious people are seen as stiff and unpleasant to be around.

You tell everyone about your bad points and flaws, as if that’s a way to bond. (It’s one thing to own up to a few character flaws or playfully talk about a vulnerability of yours, such as the fact that you’re hopeless in the kitchen and so you have every take-out menu in town; it’s another thing to dwell on your weaknesses to try to get sympathy.)

You constantly tell women that you’re horny. Hey, we all get horny, but no one cares or wants to hear it. Guys who talk about being horny are usually not the ones getting laid.

You always insist on being the center of attention. People who do this come across as insecure and needy.

You always wait to be asked, and rarely do the asking.  You announce to your friends how self-sacrificing you are, and how people in your life are ungrateful and should appreciate you more.  No one wants to hang out with a martyr.

You interrupt and spoil other people’s stories because you’ve heard, thought, or said them before.  You are paranoid and suspicious of everyone’s motives.

Now, here’s how to STOP being boring…

It takes effort to shake things up, get off your couch, and try new things.

But you’ve got to make a habit of breaking out of the routines that have been sabotaging your success with women. This will make you a more dynamic and attractive person.

Otherwise, boredom becomes a vicious cycle: you feel bored, but you continue along in your same boring routine, and you wind up projecting a boring personality to women.

Step one is to take action immediately, and start taking risks. People who avoid risk at all costs are uninteresting and uninspiring.

So try some new things. Shake up your routine. Open yourself up to new experiences, and to meeting new people. When you do this, you never know what will happen. When you try new things, be it a new bar, a trip to someplace unusual, taking a class on a topic that you know nothing about, or even just going into a bookstore and checking out a topic you don’t know squat about, you open yourself up to learning something new.

You increase the number of topics you can converse with women about, and the possibility of meeting a completely new type of woman whom you’ve never interacted with before. In the process, you’ll break the pattern of being a BNB.

Other ways to take risks:

Talking about unpredictable things, sharing a risky story about your life (such a time you were arrested, or nearly arrested as long as wasn’t for something too serious!), an embarrassing experience, or a freaky dream you had, are all examples of unpredictability in a conversation.

Asking probing questions is another way to shake things up. Passive and wimpy guys never ask any pointed questions to those around them. They passively go through conversations as the “yes” man. Women hate that.

Remember, the jump between conflict and sex is much closer than the jump from boredom to sex! Risking conflict is one of the keys to avoiding the “boring” trap. In your experience, do people respect those who are strong enough to take strong positions?

Do women want to sleep with passive guys who have no opinions at all, and are just wimped out suck-ups? Or do they want the powerful, charismatic guys who present a strong face and come across as comfortable with themselves and their opinions?

Women want the strong, decisive man not the boring, complaining baby. Start taking actions today to shift your attitude and personality in the right direction. For more tips and surefire tactics on how to date young women, click here.

Sign Up & Learn The 4 DEADLIEST Pickup Lines You Can Use To Get Girls! (Free Video)

Join The Internet's #1 Newsletter For Free Dating Tips (Spots Are Limited!)

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